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ABCG4 cdna clone

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ABCG4 cdna clone
Product Name

ABCG4, cDNA Clone

Full Product Name

ABCG4 cDNA Clone

Product Gene Name
Research Use Only
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.
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ISO Certification
Manufactured in an ISO 13485:2003 and EN ISO 13485:2012 Certified Laboratory.
Other Notes
Small volumes of ABCG4 cdna clone vial(s) may occasionally become entrapped in the seal of the product vial during shipment and storage. If necessary, briefly centrifuge the vial on a tabletop centrifuge to dislodge any liquid in the container`s cap. Certain products may require to ship with dry ice and additional dry ice fee may apply.
NCBI/Uniprot data below describe general gene information for ABCG4. It may not necessarily be applicable to this product.
NCBI Accession #
UniProt Secondary Accession #
UniProt Related Accession #
Molecular Weight
60,903 Da
NCBI Official Full Name
Homo sapiens ATP-binding cassette, sub-family G (WHITE), member 4, mRNA
NCBI Official Synonym Full Names
ATP binding cassette subfamily G member 4
NCBI Official Symbol
ABCG4  [Similar Products]
NCBI Official Synonym Symbols
  [Similar Products]
NCBI Protein Information
ATP-binding cassette sub-family G member 4
UniProt Protein Name
ATP-binding cassette sub-family G member 4
Protein Family
UniProt Gene Name
ABCG4  [Similar Products]
UniProt Synonym Gene Names
WHITE2  [Similar Products]
UniProt Entry Name
NCBI Summary for ABCG4
The protein encoded by this gene is included in the superfamily of ATP-binding cassette (ABC) transporters. ABC proteins transport various molecules across extra- and intra-cellular membranes. ABC genes are divided into seven distinct subfamilies (ABC1, MDR/TAP, MRP, ALD, OABP, GCN20, White). This protein is a member of the White subfamily and is expressed predominantly in liver tissue. The function has not yet been determined but may involve cholesterol transport. Alternate splice variants have been described but their full length sequences have not been determined. [provided by RefSeq, Jul 2008]
UniProt Comments for ABCG4
ABCG4: May be involved in macrophage lipid homeostasis. Belongs to the ABC transporter superfamily. ABCG family. Eye pigment precursor importer (TC 3.A.1.204) subfamily.

Protein type: Transporter, ABC family; Membrane protein, multi-pass; Transporter; Membrane protein, integral

Chromosomal Location of Human Ortholog: 11q23.3

Cellular Component: integral to membrane; plasma membrane

Molecular Function: cholesterol transporter activity; protein binding; protein heterodimerization activity; protein homodimerization activity; sterol-transporting ATPase activity

Biological Process: cholesterol efflux; transmembrane transport
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