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AGT cdna clone

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AGT cdna clone
Product Name

AGT, cDNA Clone

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AGT cDNA Clone

Product Gene Name
Research Use Only
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.
Sequence Length
atgcggaagc gagcacccca gtctgagatg gctcctgccg gtgtgagcct gagggccacc atcctctgcc tcctggcctg ggctggcctg gctgcaggtg accgggtgta catacacccc ttccacctcg tcatccacaa tgagagtacc tgtgagcagc tggcaaaggc caatgccggg aagcccaaag accccacctt catacctgct ccaattcagg ccaagacatc ccctgtggat gaaaaggccc tacaggacca gctggtgcta gtcgctgcaa aacttgacac cgaagacaag ttgagggccg caatggtcgg gatgctggcc aacttcttgg gcttccgtat atatggcatg cacagtgagc tatggggcgt ggtccatggg gccaccgtcc tctccccaac ggctgtcttt ggcaccctgg cctctctcta tctgggagcc ttggaccaca cagctgacag gctacaggca atcctgggtg ttccttggaa ggacaagaac tgcacctccc ggctggatgc gcacaaggtc ctgtctgccc tgcaggctgt acagggcctg ctagtggccc agggcagggc tgatagccag gcccagctgc tgctgtccac ggtggtgggc gtgttcacag ccccaggcct gcacctgaag cagccgtttg tgcagggcct ggctctctat acccctgtgg tcctcccacg ctctctggac ttcacagaac tggatgttgc tgctgagaag attgacaggt tcatgcaggc tgtgacagga tggaagactg gctgctccct gacgggagcc agtgtggaca gcaccctggc tttcaacacc tacgtccact tccaagggaa gatgaagggc ttctccctgc tggccgagcc ccaggagttc tgggtggaca acagcacctc agtgtctgtt cccatgctct ctggcatggg caccttccag cactggagtg acatccagga caacttctcg gtgactcaag tgtccttcac tgagagcgcc tgcctgctgc tgatccagcc tcactatgcc tctgacctgg acaaggtgga gggtctcact ttccagcaaa actccctcaa ctggatgaag aaactgtctc cccggaccat ccacctgacc atgccccaac tggtgctgca aggatcttat gacctgcagg acctgctcgc ccaggctgag ctgcccgcca ttctgcacac cgagctgaac ctgcaaaaat tgagcaatga ccgcatcagg gtgggggagg tgctgaacag catttttttt gagcttgaag cggatgagag agagcccaca gagtctaccc aacagcttaa caagcctgag gtcttggagg tgaccctgaa ccgcccattc ctgtttgctg tgtatgatca aagcgccact gccctgcact tcctgggccg cgtggccaac ccgctgagca cagcatga
Clone Sequence Report
Provided with product shipment
ISO Certification
Manufactured in an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Laboratory.
Other Notes
Small volumes of AGT cdna clone vial(s) may occasionally become entrapped in the seal of the product vial during shipment and storage. If necessary, briefly centrifuge the vial on a tabletop centrifuge to dislodge any liquid in the container`s cap. Certain products may require to ship with dry ice and additional dry ice fee may apply.
NCBI/Uniprot data below describe general gene information for AGT. It may not necessarily be applicable to this product.
NCBI Accession #
UniProt Secondary Accession #
UniProt Related Accession #
Molecular Weight
53,154 Da
NCBI Official Full Name
Homo sapiens angiotensinogen (serpin peptidase inhibitor, clade A, member 8), mRNA
NCBI Official Synonym Full Names
NCBI Official Symbol
NCBI Official Synonym Symbols
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NCBI Protein Information
UniProt Protein Name
UniProt Synonym Protein Names
Serpin A8
Protein Family
UniProt Gene Name
UniProt Synonym Gene Names
SERPINA8; Ang I; Ang II; Ang III; Ang IV  [Similar Products]
UniProt Entry Name
NCBI Summary for AGT
The protein encoded by this gene, pre-angiotensinogen or angiotensinogen precursor, is expressed in the liver and is cleaved by the enzyme renin in response to lowered blood pressure. The resulting product, angiotensin I, is then cleaved by angiotensin converting enzyme (ACE) to generate the physiologically active enzyme angiotensin II. The protein is involved in maintaining blood pressure and in the pathogenesis of essential hypertension and preeclampsia. Mutations in this gene are associated with susceptibility to essential hypertension, and can cause renal tubular dysgenesis, a severe disorder of renal tubular development. Defects in this gene have also been associated with non-familial structural atrial fibrillation, and inflammatory bowel disease. [provided by RefSeq, Jul 2008]
UniProt Comments for AGT
angiotensin: Essential component of the renin-angiotensin system (RAS), a potent regulator of blood pressure, body fluid and electrolyte homeostasis. In response to lowered blood pressure, the enzyme renin cleaves angiotensinogen to produce angiotensin-1 (angiotensin 1-10). Angiotensin-1 is a substrate of ACE (angiotensin converting enzyme) that removes a dipeptide to yield the physiologically active peptide angiotensin-2 (angiotensin 1- 8). Angiotensin-1 and angiotensin-2 can be further processed to generate angiotensin-3 (angiotensin 2-8), angiotensin-4 (angiotensin 3-8). Angiotensin 1-7 is cleaved from angiotensin-2 by ACE2 or from angiotensin-1 by MME (neprilysin). Angiotensin 1-9 is cleaved from angiotensin-1 by ACE2. Genetic variations in AGT are a cause of susceptibility to essential hypertension (EHT). Essential hypertension is a condition in which blood pressure is consistently higher than normal with no identifiable cause. Defects in AGT are a cause of renal tubular dysgenesis (RTD). RTD is an autosomal recessive severe disorder of renal tubular development characterized by persistent fetal anuria and perinatal death, probably due to pulmonary hypoplasia from early-onset oligohydramnios (the Potter phenotype). Belongs to the serpin family.

Protein type: Secreted, signal peptide; Secreted

Chromosomal Location of Human Ortholog: 1q42.2

Cellular Component: extracellular region; extracellular space

Molecular Function: growth factor activity; hormone activity; protein binding; serine-type endopeptidase inhibitor activity; type 1 angiotensin receptor binding; type 2 angiotensin receptor binding

Biological Process: activation of NF-kappaB transcription factor; angiotensin maturation; blood vessel remodeling; cell-cell signaling; G-protein coupled receptor protein signaling pathway; G-protein signaling, coupled to cGMP nucleotide second messenger; kidney development; negative regulation of nerve growth factor receptor signaling pathway; nitric oxide mediated signal transduction; positive regulation of cellular protein metabolic process; positive regulation of cytokine production; positive regulation of epidermal growth factor receptor signaling pathway; positive regulation of fibroblast proliferation; positive regulation of inflammatory response; positive regulation of NAD(P)H oxidase activity; positive regulation of peptidyl-tyrosine phosphorylation; positive regulation of phosphoinositide 3-kinase cascade; positive regulation of transcription, DNA-dependent; regulation of blood pressure; renal system process; renin-angiotensin regulation of blood vessel size; response to muscle activity involved in regulation of muscle adaptation

Disease: Hypertension, Essential; Renal Tubular Dysgenesis
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