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HLA-C cdna clone

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HLA-C cdna clone
Product Name

HLA-C, cDNA Clone

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Full Product Name

HLA-C cDNA Clone

Product Gene Name
Research Use Only
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.
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Clone Sequence Report
Provided with product shipment
ISO Certification
Manufactured in an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Laboratory.
Other Notes
Small volumes of HLA-C cdna clone vial(s) may occasionally become entrapped in the seal of the product vial during shipment and storage. If necessary, briefly centrifuge the vial on a tabletop centrifuge to dislodge any liquid in the container`s cap. Certain products may require to ship with dry ice and additional dry ice fee may apply.
NCBI/Uniprot data below describe general gene information for HLA-C. It may not necessarily be applicable to this product.
NCBI Accession #
UniProt Secondary Accession #
UniProt Related Accession #
Molecular Weight
40,965 Da
NCBI Official Full Name
Homo sapiens major histocompatibility complex, class I, C, mRNA
NCBI Official Synonym Full Names
major histocompatibility complex, class I, C
NCBI Official Symbol
HLA-C  [Similar Products]
NCBI Official Synonym Symbols
  [Similar Products]
NCBI Protein Information
HLA class I histocompatibility antigen, Cw-1 alpha chain
UniProt Protein Name
HLA class I histocompatibility antigen, Cw-1 alpha chain
UniProt Synonym Protein Names
MHC class I antigen Cw*1
UniProt Gene Name
HLA-C  [Similar Products]
UniProt Synonym Gene Names
UniProt Entry Name
NCBI Summary for HLA-C
HLA-C belongs to the HLA class I heavy chain paralogues. This class I molecule is a heterodimer consisting of a heavy chain and a light chain (beta-2 microglobulin). The heavy chain is anchored in the membrane. Class I molecules play a central role in the immune system by presenting peptides derived from endoplasmic reticulum lumen. They are expressed in nearly all cells. The heavy chain is approximately 45 kDa and its gene contains 8 exons. Exon one encodes the leader peptide, exons 2 and 3 encode the alpha1 and alpha2 domain, which both bind the peptide, exon 4 encodes the alpha3 domain, exon 5 encodes the transmembrane region, and exons 6 and 7 encode the cytoplasmic tail. Polymorphisms within exon 2 and exon 3 are responsible for the peptide binding specificity of each class one molecule. Typing for these polymorphisms is routinely done for bone marrow and kidney transplantation. Over one hundred HLA-C alleles have been described [provided by RefSeq, Jul 2008]
UniProt Comments for HLA-C
HLAC iso2: Involved in the presentation of foreign antigens to the immune system. Belongs to the MHC class I family.

Protein type: Receptor, misc.; Membrane protein, integral

Chromosomal Location of Human Ortholog: 6p21.3

Cellular Component: cell surface; early endosome membrane; endoplasmic reticulum; Golgi apparatus; Golgi membrane; MHC class I protein complex; phagocytic vesicle membrane; plasma membrane

Molecular Function: antigen binding; peptide antigen binding

Biological Process: antigen processing and presentation; antigen processing and presentation of exogenous peptide antigen via MHC class I, TAP-dependent; antigen processing and presentation of exogenous peptide antigen via MHC class I, TAP-independent; antigen processing and presentation of peptide antigen via MHC class I; regulation of immune response

Disease: Psoriasis 1, Susceptibility To
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