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MyBioSource PCR Kit

The powerful polymerase chain reaction (PCR) molecular biology technique enables scientists to hone in on a segment of DNA, and copy it thousands, millions or even billions of times over. This can be accomplished relatively easily and inexpensively. It is incredible that a single copy or just a few copies of a DNA molecular sequence can can be amplified into thousands or more copies of the same DNA molecule.

Since it was first developed in 1983 by Kary Mullis who won the nobel prize in Chemistry in 1993 for his invention, PCR has become an invaluable molecular biology technique. Today PCR tools, reagents, and kits are used worldwide for a variety of applications. This includes identification of pathogens and infectious agents, disease diagnosis, analysis of genetic and hereditary conditions, and cloning DNA fragments for insertion into vectors, to name a few.

In conventional PCR, the amount of accumulated PCR product is measured at the end of PCR cycles after the reaction is complete. In this traditional approach, it is not possible to determine the starting concentration of the target DNA since results are only obtained after the reaction is finished. However, the PCR amplified product can be run on an agarose gel and the intensity of the band can be compared to standards of known concentrations to obtain a semi-quantitative result. Conventional PCR amplification of DNA is widely used for cloning, sequencing and genotyping.

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Real-time PCR Advanced Species specific quantification Kit for Venison
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