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MyBioSource Peptide Product Description

A peptide is a molecule consisting of two or more amino acids. The covalent chemical bonds between amino acids are formed when the carboxyl group of one amino acid reacts with the amino group of another amino acid to form a peptide amide bond. Peptides may be naturally biologically occurring short chains of amino acid monomers linked by peptide bonds or they may be synthetically manufactured.

Researchers often ask, what is the difference between a peptide and a protein? After all, proteins are composed of chains of amino acids too. Peptides by definition are smaller than proteins and are often thought as small proteins. Conventionally speaking, molecules small enough to be synthesized from their constituent amino acids are called peptides rather than proteins.

Both synthetically manufactured and naturally occurring peptides are common research tools in most laboratories today. Many of today's commercially manufactured antibodies are generated from synthetic peptide immunogens. A convenient feature of this technology is that the peptide immunogen can be used as a control or blocking peptide in different applications. For example, if the antibody is being used in western blot then the antibody can be pre-incubated with the immunogen peptide to block or partially the ability of the antibody to bind to the target protein because it is bound to the peptide immunogen.

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Host: Synthetic
Testing Data
Quaking / QKI Immunizing Peptide
Gene Names:
QKI; QK; Hqk; QK1; QK3; hqkI
Other Names:
quaking homolog; KH domain RNA binding; DKFZp586I0923; RNA binding protein HQK; homolog of mouse quaking QKI (KH domain RNA binding protein); Quaking; Quaking / QKI; protein quaking isoform 1; KH doma...
Reactivity: Human, Mouse, Rat, Dog, Pig, Cow
Displaying 1 to 2 (of 2 products)
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