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Protein Family

Proteins Root Name start with:
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Protein Root Name
A disintegrin and metalloproteinase with thrombospondin motifs
A protein
A' protein
A-agglutinin anchorage
A-factor receptor protein
A-factor-processing enzyme
A-kinase anchor protein
A-kinase anchor protein inhibitor
A-kinase-interacting protein
A-type flagellar hook-associated protein
A-type flagellar protein
A-type flagellin
A-type inclusion protein
A.superbus venom factor
A1 cistron-splicing factor
A1-specific pheromone
A2-specific pheromone
AAA ATPase forming ring-shaped complexes
AAC-rich mRNA clone AAC11 protein
AAC-rich mRNA clone AAC4 protein
AAF/I fimbrial
AB hydrolase superfamily protein
ABA-inducible protein
ABA-responsive protein
ABC transport system permease protein
ABC transporter
ABC transporter A family
ABC transporter arginine-binding protein
ABC transporter ATP-binding protein
ABC transporter ATP-binding protein/permease
ABC transporter ATP-binding/permease protein
ABC transporter B family
ABC transporter C family
ABC transporter D family
ABC transporter E family
ABC transporter F family
ABC transporter G family
ABC transporter glutamine-binding protein
ABC transporter H family
ABC transporter I family
ABC transporter L-arabinose-binding periplasmic protein
ABC transporter periplasmic-binding protein
ABC transporter permease
ABC transporter permease protein
ABC transporter protein
ABC transporter-like protein
ABC-type transporter ATP-binding protein
ABC1 family protein
Abdominal ganglion neuropeptide
Abelson tyrosine-protein kinase
Aberrant microtubules protein
Aberrant root formation protein
Abhydrolase domain-containing protein
ABI gene family
Abietadienol/abietadienal oxidase
Abl interactor
Abnormal cell lineage protein
Abnormal cell migration protein
Abnormal embryogenesis protein
Abnormal long morphology protein
Abnormal pharyngeal pumping eat
Abnormal spindle-like microcephaly-associated protein
Abortive infection protein
Abortive phage resistance protein
Abscisate beta-glucosyltransferase
Abscisic acid 8'-hydroxylase
Abscisic acid and environmental stress-inducible protein
Abscisic acid receptor
Abscisic acid-inducible protein kinase
Abscisic stress-ripening protein
Abscisic-aldehyde oxidase
Abscission/NoCut checkpoint regulator
Absent in melanoma 1 protein
Absent in melanoma 1-like protein
Acarbose 7(IV)-phosphotransferase
Accelerated cell death
Accessory cholera enterotoxin
Accessory colonization factor
Accessory gene regulator
Accessory gene regulator protein
Accessory gland peptide
Accessory gland protein
Accessory gland-specific peptide
Accessory protein
Accessory recombination function protein
Accessory Sec system protein
Accessory Sec system protein translocase
Accessory secretory protein
Accumulates dyads protein
Accumulation of dyads protein
Accumulation-associated protein
ACD11 homolog protein
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