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Acyl-CoA-binding domain-containing protein

Binds medium- and long-chain acyl-CoA esters with very high affinity. Can interact in vitro with arachidonyl-CoA, barely with oleoyl-CoA, but not with palmitoyl-CoA. Confers tolerance and binds to lead ions Pb(2+), probably by promoting lead translocation from roots to shoots. May function as an intracellular carrier of acyl-CoA esters (By similarity).

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Acyl-CoA-binding domain-containing protein 1

Also known as Acyl-CoA-binding domain-containing protein 1 (Acyl-CoA binding protein 1).
Encodes an acyl-CoA binding protein that is localized to vesicles,and plasma membrane especially in epidermal cells of heart, torpedo and cotyledon stage embryos, cell wall of the seed coat. Northern blot analysis showed that the 1.4 kb ACBP1 mRNA was expressed in silique, root, stem, leaf and flower.

Acyl-CoA-binding domain-containing protein 3

Also known as Acyl-CoA-binding domain-containing protein 3 (Acyl-CoA binding protein 3).
acyl-CoA-binding protein ACBP3. Localized extracellularly in transiently expressed tobacco BY-2 cells and onion epidermal cells. Binds arachidonyl-CoA with high affinity. Microarray data shows up-regulation of many biotic- and abiotic-stress-related genes in an ACBP3 OE-1 in comparison to wild type.

Acyl-CoA-binding domain-containing protein 5

ACBD5: Binds medium- and long-chain acyl-CoA esters. 4 isoforms of the human protein are produced by alternative splicing.

Protein type: Lipid-binding; Membrane protein, integral

Cellular Component: intracellular membrane-bound organelle; membrane; nucleoplasm; nucleus; peroxisome

Biological Process: macroautophagy; peroxisome degradation

Acyl-CoA-binding domain-containing protein 6

Binds long-chain acyl-coenzyme A molecules with a strong preference for unsaturated C18:1-CoA, lower affinity for unsaturated C20:4-CoA, and very weak affinity for saturated C16:0-CoA. Does not bind fatty acids ().

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