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Adagio protein

Component of an E3 ubiquitin ligase complex that plays a central role in blue light-dependent circadian cycles. Acts as a blue light photoreceptor, due to the presence of FMN, that mediates light-regulated protein degradation of critical clock components by targeting them to the proteasome complex. The SCF(ADO1) E3 ubiquitin ligase complex is involved in the regulation of circadian clock-dependent processes including the transition to flowering time, hypocotyl elongation, cotyledons and leaf movement rhythms. APRR1/TOC1 and APRR5, but not 'GIGANTEA', are proteolytic substrates of this ubiquitin ligase complex. Blue light enhances cooperative stabilization of 'GIGANTEA' and ADO1/ZTL, leading to amplification and sharpening of the expression profile of APRR1/TOC1. ADO1/ZTL interacts with ADO3, preventing the interaction of ADO3 with CDF1.

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Adagio protein 1

Also known as Adagio protein 1 (Clock-associated PAS protein ZTL) (F-box only protein 2b) (FBX2b) (Flavin-binding kelch repeat F-box protein 1-like protein 2) (FKF1-like protein 2) (LOV kelch protein 1) (Protein ZEITLUPE).
Encodes clock-associated PAS protein ZTL; Also known as FKF1-like protein 2 or ADAGIO1(ADO1). A protein containing a PAS domain ZTL contributes to the plant fitness (carbon fixation, biomass) by influencing the circadian clock period. ZTL is the F-box component of an SCF complex implicated in the degradation of TOC1.

Adagio protein 2

Also known as Adagio protein 2 (F-box only protein 2c) (FBX2c) (Flavin-binding kelch repeat F-box protein 1-like protein 1) (FKF1-like protein 1) (LOV kelch protein 2).
encodes a member of F-box proteins that includes two other proteins in Arabidopsis (ZTL and FKF1). These proteins contain a unique structure containing a PAS domain at their N-terminus, an F-box motif, and 6 kelch repeats at their C-terminus. Overexpression results in arrhythmic phenotypes for a number of circadian clock outputs in both constant light and constant darkness, long hypocotyls under multiple fluences of both red and blue light, and a loss of photoperiodic control of flowering time. Although this the expression of this gene itself is not regulated by circadian clock, it physically interacts with Dof transcription factors that are transcriptionally regulated by circadian rhythm. LKP2 interacts with Di19, CO/COL family proteins.

Adagio protein 3

Also known as Adagio protein 3 (F-box only protein 2a) (FBX2a) (Flavin-binding kelch repeat F-box protein 1).
Encodes FKF1, a flavin-binding kelch repeat F box protein, is clock-controlled, regulates transition to flowering. Forms a complex with GI on the CO promoter to regulate CO expression.

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