We surveyed 3,000 people to take the pulse of the nation when it comes to immunity passports. We found that that opinion was quite divided – overall, 59%of Americans believe immunity passports should be issued as proof of receiving the COVID-19 vaccine.



Interestingly, the research also found that nearly 1 in 3 (30%)people believe there should be an interstate travel ban for people who have not had their COVID-19 vaccine. While the idea of banning someone from travel based on their vaccination status might divide the opinions of some, it should also be noted that some countries have had immunization certificate requirements in place for a number of years for foreign travelers, to prevent the spread of diseases such as yellow fever and polio.


Moreover, 60% of people think professional sports teams should give preference to ticketholders who have been vaccinated against the coronavirus. This follows the announcement that this year, the Super Bowl gave away 7,500 free tickets to healthcare workers who had received both doses of the vaccine, to attend the game on February 7th. Considering the large crowds of people who attended sports games at stadiums and arenas before the pandemic, it’s perhaps no wonder people would choose to feel more protected in these settings.


More than half (53%) of people also think if they are issued, immunity passports should also state which company’s vaccine people received.


Additionally, the survey found that over two in five (42%) say they would be concerned about privacy and data sharing if vaccine passports are to be introduced. However, nearly half (47%) would be willing to share their data with Big Pharma if it helped improve the COVID-19 vaccine.