MyBiosource Research


Exploring the Impact of Standing on Health and Work

Published 2024-02-02

Sedentary work is increasingly common these days, bringing the role of physical activity in the workplace — especially standing — into the conversation around workers’ health and productivity. To examine the relationship between standing habits and overall well-being, we compared these experiences across various work environments with a comprehensive survey of 1,000 employed Americans.


Post-Time-Off Burnout in America: Insights From a Nationwide Survey

Published 2024-02-02

Holidays, breaks, and vacations should have people returning to work rested and ready to jump back in. But instead, it often leaves them feeling drained. To understand this phenomenon, MyBioSource surveyed over 1,000 employed Americans about when burnout starts, how common it is, and how to cope with it. We also examined its impact across various industries and genders. Join us as we explore these findings and shed light on the effects of post-time-off burnout on the American workforce.


Traveling for Care: Top Cities for Health Care Specialists

Published 2024-01-31

Specialized health care spans a wide range of medical expertise specific to certain health conditions. Since finding the right specialist doctor can make or break patient health outcomes, we mapped the top health care hubs for specialized care in the United States.

Our meta-ranking reflects diverse factors like search volume, employment opportunities, and patient satisfaction across various medical specialties. In this article, we’ll explain our findings about how different cities compare in offering cutting-edge medical services and what it means for patients seeking specialized care. Our study results offer insights into health care accessibility and patient preferences in America’s urban centers.


Women in STEM Share Their Workplace Experiences

Published 2023-12-18

Understanding women’s experiences and professional growth within STEM is essential for promoting gender equality and ensuring diverse talent to fuel innovation. These insights can help improve workplace policies and foster more inclusive and supportive work environments where everyone can thrive on equal footing. With this in mind, we surveyed women working in STEM from around the world to draw on their perspectives. Read on to learn more about the experiences of women in STEM